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I will help you set goals and reach them. I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition.
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What people are saying

After 10 years of working with Anne, I must sing her praises. Even after multiple spinal surgeries, I’m still hiking and biking. I am 63 years old with osteoporosis and  can still lift more weights than my fairly fit 28 year old daughter. I’m proud of how I have managed  to maintain physical strength but I couldn’t have done it alone. I shudder to think where I’d be if I hadn’t found Anne!

Terry Phillips

Anne is very well educated in many aspects of nutritional health in conjunction with her expertise and knowledge of appropriate exercise regime for each individual client.

She is compassionate, knowledgeable, upbeat and an inspiration! Her goal is to enhance the lives of her clients.

Phyllis King

“When you have your health, you have everything”. Anne at Life Long Fitness makes it easy and fun for me to meet my goals. I am encouraged and challenged at each session,and never bored, due to the variety of routines she can create.. I have been with Anne for 6 years, and have gained health benefits, which have proven to far exceed my expectations. Thanks, Anne!

Russ Lawson

Russ Lawson

I have been training with Anne for a year and a half and my appearance has been transformed from that of a frail, sixty four year old to a woman with muscle and strength!  My balance and posture have improved as well, and I just feel as though there is “more to me;” my arms and shoulders can now hold up against Michelle O’s!  Anne’s vast experience in a variety of medical disciplines gives her the knowledge to ensure the welfare and safety of all her clients. I thoroughly trust her judgement and would recommend Anne to all.

Noreen Polus

On the eve of my retirement a few years back I read a book called “Younger Next Year”. My goal was to develop and maintain fitness and strength to live an active live of hiking and gardening – doing things I loved. Among the bits of wisdom from the writers of the book, was to do strength training twice a week in order to, among other things, maintain muscle mass, balance and agility. I was in reasonable shape but at 66 had almost no experience with weights and resistance equipment, so following advice from my wife and several of her friends and went to see Anne.
Within a few months Anne coached me through a shoulder recovery that had persisted for years, a takeaway from a career sitting in from of a PC and keyboard. Her recommendations for therapy and her personal training were then and continue to be effective. It’s been over 2 years and her careful step by step workouts as well as training and nutrition allow me to pursue a very active life in surprising comfort. Better than that I still look forward every week to lovely Anne, that indelible sunbeam smile, a great workout, a lift to my spirits and thoughtful answers to my never ending questions.

I can’t recommend Anne more highly. Of all the cash we lay out for our health insurance, medicine, doctors and such, none of it comes close to the health return I get from the time I spend with Anne at LifeLong Fitness.

Jim Warren

“Strength Training with Weight Loss” says it all.  My goal was to be healthy as I age, and through Anne’s positivity and motivation, I have accomplished both!  Lifelong Fitness has become a priority in my life.

Barbara Townsend

Barbara Townsend

What can I say about Anne Micci?  Let me count the ways…….
Only that she is the “BEST” Personal Trainer that there is! How do I know that?I have known her for 12 years and have been a client  for many of them and currently as well!
She is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, challenging, friendly, warm, patient but above all she is a class act and I am proud to know her.
If I had any advice to give others, look no further if you want an energizing, work out that will keep you healthy both in mind and body.

Roberta Harrington

I’ve been a personal training client of Anne’s since the summer of 2016. I came to her
on the recommendation of friends in Hollis who are also her clients. I’m glad I did.

I’m 74 years old and came to her heavy and out of shape. I’ve lost 20 pounds while gaining
both strength and stamina. While I’m still at the beginning of the process, I’m happy with
my progress to date.

Anne takes the name of her studio seriously, which is the part of her approach I appreciate
most. I have a physical deficit in the form of permanent atrial fibrillation. [It means that some
exercises cause my heart rates to rise momentarily out of range for my age. (I use a heart
rate monitor in conjunction with a chest strap.)] Anne is extremely careful to tailor my exercise
program to cope with my limitations, which has allowed me to make progress safely.

David Eiche

Anne is amazing! She has taught me tons about physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness. As someone who came to her as a novice exerciser, I appreciated that she doesn’t judge. Anne meets you at your level of fitness and supports your goals any way she can. She works hard to switch routines around to keep workouts fresh and fun! She is truly dedicated to helping people improve their health.

Katie Corsetti

When I first was invited to try Anne as a personal trainer, I was skeptical that her program would fulfill my exercise needs. But she has just been fabulous, trying out different techniques, moves, and machines—never a dull moment. It is just what I wanted, and after seven years, it is still an enjoyable, challenging workout with a fantastic person.

Helen Lombard

Helen Lombard

I am 68, a retired software engineer who a little over a year ago weighed 250 pounds. It had been years since I had any regular form of exercise. Being recently retired I determined to use some of my new free time to make a change. Anne was the perfect mentor. Her dietary advice in addition to strength training has made all the difference. Today I weighed 206 and am facing a second change of wardrobe since starting. I walk a lot, I work out twice a week, and I cut way down on carbs. I am still losing weight and I have cut down or eliminated medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and high blood sugar all of which continue to improve.

Anne is a great motivator and I think particularly good at understanding the physical limitations of older bodies. For me getting a good workout without getting injured isn’t always easy. Anne knows how to do it. The gym is well equipped and clean. Scheduling is flexible. I would not hesitate to recommend Lifelong Fitness if you are looking to be younger next year

Thomas Warren

Thomas Warren

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Anne Micci! She is expert at her job and knows how to work with individual’s personal goals and capabilities. Anne helped me stay focused, improve my form, learn routines and manage my personal fitness program for life. I have had back and knee issues for decades and have never felt as good as I do for as long as I have. In addition to being an excellent trainer, you get the bonus of learning a lot about nutrition and good eating tips along the way. She knows how to motivate, is expert at fitness, food, body structure and condition. I didn’t know Anne when I started working out with her, but she is an awesome individual and now a lifelong friend!

Sean Gaffney

Sean Gaffney

Amherst, NH

Lifelong Fitness, owned and operated by Anne Micci, in the center of Hollis, has become an integral part of my life on many levels. One-on-one fitness training is what I would call “an essential luxury”. I could do it on my own but I know full well I would not get the benefit of Anne’s extraordinary expertise, motivation, reward and support that has kept me going to her twice a week for about 5 years. Anne challenges me but never without a firm and convincing belief that invites me to be more and better than I ever thought I could be. Anne’s upbeat, warm personality makes it all fun, and most importantly, personal and unique to your particular situation and needs. In brief — she’s fun, good for you, worth every penny and makes a real difference in your life!

Jolie Blauvelt

Jolie Blauvelt

Hollis NH

Working with Anne Micci is life changing. My life is proof! I never worked out before, but with her encouragement and direction over the past three years, I’m a new person. Lost 30 pounds and have strength and confidence I never felt before. Why did I wait this long to do something so good for myself!

Rita Ralston

Rita Ralston

Nashua, NH

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