Why should i get a personal trainer?

A personal trainer has the expertise to guide you to proper form for your exercises. Improper form can not only lead to an immediate injury, but it will also create muscle imbalances, which could lead to joint issues over a longer period of time. Not to mention that you can do something wrong all day long and never see any results.

A personal trainer is also there to motivate you to do just one more set or one more repetition than you thought you could. A great way to reach new heights in weight loss, strength, and even self esteem.

An appointment with a personal trainer is a way to be accountable to a time, so you won’t miss your workouts. It is a great way to create a habit, when you know you are not disciplined to do it for yourself.

How do i get started?

The first visit is free. We need to get to know each other. We need to talk about your goals, any medical history (especially injuries), and talk about your current diet to steer toward better eating habits right away. Nutrition is a huge part of achieving fitness goals. The more information we can share with each other on the first visit, the more we can tailor the direction of the workouts. This time is to inspire you to embark on your new journey to a new you! If you want future sessions, I will get your weight, measurements and body fat reading, to have something to compare your progress with.

Do I have To Pre-Pay For a Package of Training Sessions?

No. There are no contracts, no pre-paid sessions. This is pay after you attend. You can pay that day or at the end of the week, but most people pay at the end of my billing cycle on the 15th and the 30th. Most leave a credit card on my secure site in the “cloud” where their credit card is protected and I bill their card on those two pay periods, so they don’t have to worry about it. I notify others on the pay period what they owe and they pay me by check.

Do I Get Enough Exercise If I Only Do Half-Hour Sessions?

I recommend two half-hour sessions per week to attain fitness goals.  One half-hour if you are only interested in having strength for gardening and every day tasks.

My equipment is located next to each other, so I can efficiently go from one machine to another without time wasted.  I go from a back exercise, to a chest exercise to a leg exercise, so I don’t have to take a break at all.  You will defiantly feel like you have worked your whole body in a half hour.

I always work within your ability.  Some sessions will be strict weight lifting to enhance muscle development and some will be functional training, to include TRX, battling ropes, medicine balls, etc…. Either way. You will have a great workout in your session.

How Do You Work With My Injuries?

Everyone is vulnerable to injury.  Injuries usually happen because your muscles are out of balance with strength.  Your quadriceps (front of the leg) may be too tight and the opposing hamstrings (back of the leg) are too weak, so the knee tracks up toward the stronger muscle instead of staying in the track in which the knee is supposed to glide, so….. you have knee pain all of the time.  It is my job to stretch and strengthen all of your muscles to stop the pain.

In the case of arthritis, weightlifting creates more balance and circulation in the joints and will help “knit” the joint together for more support.

For back pain, core exercises, as well as all of the total body exercises, will strengthen the muscles that hold the spine upright.  Back pain is usually relieved quickly.