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Anne Micci

Your personal fitness coach

I am proud of what I do and what I do for others.

I have been employed in Hollis, as a one-on-one trainer, since 2005. I created my own gym in 2011.  I love every minute of my job. My client’s ages range from 13 to 91.

I have some clients who are strong and work to their maximum levels. Many clients had no idea they could get so strong in their later years of life. Often clients come to me with injuries, in particular back, shoulder, and knee issues. They are amazed how wonderful they feel once they begin weight training.

I change up the workouts frequently and I am a stickler for form. You will never get anything out of it if you don’t do it right!

I have an extensive background in the medical field as well, which has enabled me to be well qualified for the certification that I hold. A brief bullet point history. Please feel free to ask me for more detail on any of this information.

Job History

  • Medical assistant for 8 years
  • Fitness Director for YMCA in Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Physical Therapy assistant Denver Bronco Sports Medicine
  • Health Educator for MDI Hospital, Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Personal trainer (part or full time since 1986)

As a certified medical assistant I performed all jobs from stress testing, EKG’s and lab work, to Xrays and physical therapy. I worked primarily in cardiology, internal medicine and the emergency room.

My first personal training certification, 1986, was with Wayne Wescott, PhD National YMCA. He provides all of the research for Nautilus and Hammer Strength equipment, as well as being quoted for his work in many credible health publications. Outstanding! My current certification is from another outstanding organization, ISSA.

I am so thankful to have this opportunity to open my own studio. I have made this “gym” with a spa environment. I welcome all to join me from the strongest weight lifters to the elderly trying to master balance.
I look forward to hearing from you, never hesitate to come in and see what I do.

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