A Personal Trainer You Can Trust

Lifelong Fitness is celebrating its sixth year in the Market Place location this year. Anne Micci, owner, is not new to the area, but this location is unique to any fitness facility in the Nashua/Hollis area. This completely private studio is only one-on-one. No sweaty gym rats; no competition; no one looking at you work out; and no distractions for you or the trainer, Anne Micci.

Anne worked for six years at the Mindful Body, later to become Bodies Defined, on Ash Street, Hollis, as a certified personal trainer. She has clientele that usually range from their teens to 30’s up to their 90’s with a typical clientele of 55 or more persons. Some of the clients work as infrequently as one half hour once a week, to keep in shape for gardening or their job, while most work out twice a week for either a half hour or an hour depending on their goals. She has a broad range of experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation across her 30 years of personal training making the visits invaluable to some of the clients with nagging back or joint injuries.

Anne also has a certification in fitness nutrition, making it easier to understand how to tailor your diet to match your lifestyle and your weight loss goals.

Anne’s background originated in nursing, where she worked with various physicians, including cardiologists. Stress testing was part of her daily duties, so she understands the limitations of beginning an exercise program when there are potential cardiac limitations. She also worked as an assistant to Bronco Sports Medicine, as a physical therapy assistant, again, giving her guidance to the limitations with exercises for injury prevention and exercises for strengthening.

The fitness studio has a full range of quality weight machines, as well as dumbbells, balls, bands, TRX, kettlebells, etc.. Some days are weight training days, some days are circuit training days, most days add some cardio to improve cardiovascular conditioning as well.

At 58 years of age, Anne has a wealth of experience that will bring a lot to your fitness level and a passion to assist you in creating a new outlook in your physical capabilities and to bring attention to your quality of life.


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